A number of educators maintain blogs about various topics in education, technology, and 21st century learning. This page will attempt to help you find some blogs you can follow if you are interested.

I ran across this entry from Doug Johnson on 5 online software applications that work with images. He also writes the Tech Proof blog for Education World. I haven't read much of his stuff but found some links to some things I will follow up on in the future.

Ian Jukes has many resource available as noted on the Useful Links page in addition to his blog, The Committed Sardine.

Michael Wesch is an anthropology professor at Kansas State University. You will also see some of his students' (and his work) on the Video Resources page. He does keep a blog entitled Digital Ethnography. I found this particular post regarding one of his student created videos particularly interesting and worth reflecting upon.

Jeff Utecht keeps a couple blogs about Ed Tech topics. His writings deal a lot with communication and technology along with specific strategies to integrate tech tools in the classroom. He is an international educator currently in Thailand and does presentations throughout Asia.
U Tech Tips
The Thinking Stick

David Warlick is a 30 year veteran educator from North Carolina. He writes a lot about 21st century learning and his workshops and presentations focus on digital natives. He has several books and several different sites where is work and writings may appear.
The Landmark Project

Educational Origami is a blog and a wiki maintained by Andrew Churches. He has some good links to resources and information on 21st century learning. He also has information about applying Bloom's taxonomy in a digital world.

The Strength of Weak Ties by David Jakes.

The Connected Classroom by Kristin Hokanson is a wikispace that I ran across recently. It seems to have some good links and information. I am still checking it out but you might find it useful as well.