As one reads the recent educational literature and commentaries, it is filled with comments and references to 21st century learning. It's 2008...It's already the 21st century. Both the October and most recent November issues of Educational Leadership contain several articles that are very applicable to this topic. (Note: All the articles are not on technology.) It is not time to plan for's time to implement and teach in it. We have to transform our schools and classrooms to reflect the changes in how students learn and the skills they will need to be successful in the future. And we cannot afford to leave out the ethical implications and values needed to utilize 21st century skills in appropriate ways.

Digital literacy is a critical element in the 21st century. The gap between the time spent reading the screen versus how much time is spent reading print on paper is really astounding...and often critiqued. When we read on paper, who are we interacting with it? Ourselves...our mind is engaged. But how much richer is it when we engage not only ourselves, but a wider community to dialogue, question, ponder, exchange, and reflect with? Web 2.0 takes our communication and isolation beyond the post-reading book club into real-time engagement. It's different. But different is different. And it is where the world is. Would you rather be where the world was or where it is?

I still love books and the education of yourself through pleasure reading and learning from books is not to be left in the dust. But our classrooms must adjust to our context. I hope some of the links here will help you do just that.

I hope you will also find a place where you can dialogue with others. If you want to discuss something, click on the DISCUSSION tab on any page and start a conversation.

I am also starting Be Literate as a blog to educate others. You will find some updates consistently to this site in such areas as News Articles. Whether you read my blog or someone else's writings, educate yourself. Read. Reflect. Engage in the conversation.